Buying a Wood Garage Door?

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Are you in the market for a new garage door? You may be looking for a new model to replace your old door for your garage or your current door is beyond repair and needs total and full replacement. When it comes to buying a garage door, there are so many things to consider especially the materials of door’s constructions and the dealer who will do the installation and gate repair services. One of the popular choices for garage door is wood garage door.

Wood is preferred by many individuals due to various reasons such as its natural appearance, economic value and easy tooling; however, woods are not that durable because this material expands and contracts and can experience cracking and warping it weathers. Therefore, this material will require you to give it regular maintenance in which you can repaint or refinish the door every couple of years. There are many constructions of wood garage door. The most affordable is the tilt-up door. Some of the dealers make this door spot on using spruce, Douglas fir or any softwood as the frame. This process is what they call flush construction and will result to quite stable and strong output and is affordable. If you will choose this type of door, which can have a dimension of 16 x 7 feet, it may cost you between $400 and $700. There are also doors that are roll-up in style ad can havethe flush type or panel construction. Flush sections are constructed using fastening of plywood panel over the wooden frame. On the other hands, the panel constructions, the maker will fit many separate rectangular panels to the wooden frame. The skeletal framework is constructed using fir or other softwood.

Panels for the wood garage door can be painted, but the construction can be of plywood’s flat surfaces. Hardboard is also possible to use as well as 3Drecessed or raised panels. There are wood composites also that are used for constructing wood doors and even wood lookalikes and an average size from these materials can cost you around $800 to $1,000.

There are also high end types of wood garage door and they can be categorized under the appearance-grade. These wood garage doors are designed for staining rather than painting. They are constructed having inserts of solid-wood panel. These garage doors can be constructed using the premium woods such as redwood, cedar, mahogany, oak or other hardwoods. The appearance-grade wood garage doors are expensive. In fact, these are the most expensive garage door of wooden material that is available on the market. You may have to spend thousands of dollars per garage door assembly with this type.

When buying wood garage door, always ask the garage door repair service technicians about the maintenance. Keep in mind that wood garage doors require regular maintenance so that it will last longer time and for you to enjoy its appearance. Wood garage door is a great choice due to its appearance and it will easily make your property to stand out.

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Buying a Wood Garage Door?

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